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Purple Pillow Review

Learn everything you need to know about the Purple Pillow, and whether it should be where you lay your head!

By Tyler Moyer

The chances are pretty good that you have heard of Purple and laid eyes on their hyper-elastic polymer material, whether in person or on a screen.  Even if you didn’t know the technical name, you’ve probably seen one of their quirky commercials or even recognize their flagship purple mattress.  The point is, they’re one of the major players in the direct-to-consumer mattress world.

But we’re not here to talk about their mattress (you can check it out here).  Today we’re talking about their equally unique pillow, made of the same material.  We’ve tested a lot of pillows and this one is not typical.  Let’s dive in…


A Look Inside

The Purple Pillow is a worthy partner for the popular Purple mattresses. Purple put the same hyper-elastic polymer, the material that makes the mattress so versatile, to good use to enhance your sleeping experience.

The key design feature is a grid of hundreds of tiny triangles that relax in reverse proportion to how much pressure you place on it. That means it will hold up your lighter, curvier neck, while also cradling and supporting your 10-pound noggin. It will do that without collapsing. This is great news for anyone who wakes up with neck pain.

The Purple Pillow cover is made of a stretch mesh material that will move with the pillow. The Lyocell material in the cover makes the material soft. Additional cooling nylon pulls heat from your body. What you’re left with is a  pillow that stays cool and dry. If you sleep hot, you read that sentence and started cheering.

Keep in mind that Purple sells the Purple Pillow and the newer Purple Plush Pillow, which is a more traditional pillow. Filled with “Smart Fluff,” a.k.a. 100% polyester fiber, it is encased in the same breathable and cooling Lyocell cover. 

The Purple Plush also has a fun design feature. It can be zipped (firmer) and unzipped (softer) along the sides to adjust the firmness of the pillow itself. Still, the name is accurate; the Purple Plush is a soft pillow, especially when it is unzipped. When it is zipped up, it will feel medium at best.

Why I love the Purple Pillow

I love it because Purple put a new material to work to make a pillow with just as much consideration for the needs of different types of sleepers as they do with a mattress.

I like how functional the triangle design is in the Purple Pillow. The way that the Purple Pillow is cut, those mini-triangular channels allow air to get in and carry away heat. Even the bamboo and spandex cover keeps your face cool.

I’m a combo sleeper. I like to sleep on my back and side, but need five pillows to make that work. But the Purple Pillow responds and supports my head and neck. I don’t have to waste time building a pillow tent.

I like the adjustable idea built into the Purple Plush Pillow. You can go firmer or softer depending on the mood of the sleeper. I appreciate that I can make that decision.

Sleep Experience

Sleeping on the Purple Pillow may take some getting used to. It feels different to sleep on a slab of what feels like rubber, as opposed to fluff. You may need some time to get used to the slab, which was built to support and cradle you in the exact amount you need.

The Purple Plush Pillow should feel firmer or more plush depending on if the zippers are opened or closed, respectively. Don’t expect to feel a big difference. Do expect to love the pillow if you love a plush feel and don’t need a firm pillow.

Pros and Cons


  • The Purple Pillow retains its shape
  • Great neck support
  • Keeps your head cool
  • Washable with warm water and letting it air dry
  • Hyper-elastic polymer is certified safe by the FDA and CertiPUR-US®
  • Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • The Purple Plush Pillow can feel firmer or softer by opening or closing the zippers
  • All Purple pillows have a 100-night sleep trial
  • All Purple pillows come with a military discount for those who qualify


  • The Purple Pillow is heavier than the fluffy pillows you grew up with
  • You may still need another pillow underneath if  you want a high pillow profile
  • Purple pillows only come in one size
  • Have to sleep on it for 30 days before you return it

Who is the Purple Pillow best for …

The Purple Pillow is great for back and side sleepers. Because it’s so sturdy, it may not give enough for a stomach sleeper. Stomach sleepers don’t need a lot of height on their pillows. The Purple Pillow isn’t for them. It may be for everyone else.

The Purple Plush Pillow is more for people who prefer the traditional feel of a pillow filled with soft stuff.

Purple Pillow Product Information

Sizes and pricing

The Purple Pillow is:

  • 24” long x 16” wide x 3” tall
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Costs $99

The Purple Plush Pillow is:

  • 26” inches long x 18” inches wide
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds
  • Costs $49

Delivery, Trial Period, and Warranty Details

The Purple pillows warranty last 1 year. It covers manufacturing defects, but only for the original buyer. You call Purple to initiate a refund.

You have 100 days to test any Purple pillow, but you have to sleep on it for at least 30 days before you can return it. If you end up not wanting it, contact Purple by phone or email. They’ll send you a return label to ship it back (clean and undamaged). Then they’ll issue a full refund.

You can buy the Purple Pillow or the Purple Plush Pillow on the company website, Amazon, Mattress Firm and other third-party retailers.


The Purple mattress people set out in 2016 to use their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer to make a great pillow. Their Kickstarter campaign went well and three years later we’re still marveling at how people end up liking a 10-pound Purple Pillow that feels nothing like any other pillow.

It’s the double-duty the Purple Pillow does that makes it so interesting and so functional.

The polymer helps support your neck, but the pillow does not collapse under the weight of your head. That’s great news for both back and side sleepers.

Purple even recently released the more traditional Purple Plush Pillow for those who prefer a pillow stuffed with fibers. It’s a soft pillow. Know that the Purple Plush is not for the back and side sleepers who came here looking for a pillow that could support the weight of their heads without crunching their necks in the process.

Both types can feel a little expensive, but you’re getting the Purple name with your purchase.

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