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Casper Mattress Review

If you’ve considered buying a mattress in a box, then you’ve probably heard of Casper.  They may not have been the first, but they certainly made compressed mattresses cool.

Nerd Score: 4.8/5


The Casper mattress has undergone a recent remodel and the well-known online bed-in-a-box company is offering a slightly different version of the flagship Casper.  The company has built a reputation for consistently offering a mattress that works for the widest range of sleepers.

The Casper mattress is an all-purpose, utility infielder type of mattress, meaning it can accommodate a range of sleep positions and a range of different sized people who sleep in those positions. It claims to be able to support side, back and stomach sleepers who are lighter, heavier and everyone in between.

The Casper aims to do this more effectively after replacing a latex layer in earlier models with polyurethane foam, keeping the bounce of the latex while increasing the pressure relief of a foam.

Casper never rests in looking for ways to refine their mattresses, relying heavily on testing and customer feedback to get the right mix of materials and performance from their models.

What that means is this Casper is different from one offered several years ago. Their most recent innovation was adding what they call “Zoned Support”. Zones are constructed with different foams so that it can both contour to high-pressure and curvy areas like the shoulders and hips and still gently contour to the back and buttocks depending on your sleep position. Another significant upgrade is the addition of a transition layer that absorbs your body’s movements when you get in bed or change positions. It works to the tune of a perfect score on responsiveness.  Combination sleepers take note: this mattress quickly adjusts to your body movements when you change positions during the night.


Consider these features when you’re looking at the Casper mattress:

  • Zoned support to properly support the back for spinal alignment
  • Transition layer helps mattress respond quickly to movement
  • 4 layers of “open cell foam” will let heat escape to keep you cool
  • Accommodates a range of weights for sleepers
  • Accommodates a range of sleep positions
  • Easy to clean zip-off cover
  • Online mattress giant also sells at some Targets to try in person
  • 100-night free trial
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • CertiPUR-USⓇ certified foams free from harmful chemicals
  • Made in the USA



The Casper is a 10-inch memory foam mattress.


Traditional memory foam mattresses were known for doing insane work contouring and cradling a body at rest and nearly boiling them in their own sweat. Heat retention has been an issue for memory foam mattress makers.

Casper addresses that with this offering by using “open cell” construction. That’s a fancy way of saying the foam has many tiny holes in it through which air can flow and take your body heat with it.

Casper Mattress Firmness

The Casper is considered medium firm, or a 6 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. This is a memory foam mattress so lighter people will experience the foam layers differently than heavier people. Some will sink in more than others just because of a difference in weight.

But the Casper also has zoned support to give you a different firmness depending on the needs of that particular body part. You get softer foam under your shoulders, where you need give to contour around those curves to relieve pressure. There is firmer foam under your hips and stomach for extra support, again to keep that spine aligned properly.

Edge support

The Casper performs really well on edge support, nearly perfect. Couples who use both sides of the bed and need to use the full surface of the mattress should do just fine on this mattress.

Motion transfer

How well a mattress limits motion on one side of the bed from traveling over to the other is important if you sleep with someone who has a different sized-bladder or a different wake-up/bedtime than you do.

The Casper does a solid job isolating movement to one side. It also scored a perfect 10 on responsiveness, which is related to motion transfer. Responsiveness refers to how quickly the mattress settles back to still after you move in any way. The Casper manages that with no issues.


The Casper is made of four foam layers of varying densities that sit at 10 inches wide. Each serves a different support or comfort function.

The first layer is 1.5 inches of open-cell foam. “Open cell” is code for “it has small holes throughout that allow cooling air to flow through and prevent the mattress from turning into a sweat box.” There is enough bounce here to make sure you can lift yourself up and out of the bed, which was sometimes a problem with older model memory foam mattresses.

The second layer is 1.5 inches of responsive memory foam. This works as a contouring layer working with the top layer.

The third layer is 1.5 inches of transition foam known as the Zoned Support layer. Here’s where design meets function. This foam is slightly firmer underneath your hips and back, regardless of sleep position, while still contouring to your curves. Then it’s slightly softer to accommodate the width and curve of your shoulders if you’re sleeping on your slide. The goal is to keep your spine aligned by evening distributing your weight.

The base layer is the fourth and final layer. It is 5 inches of support foam that does what it says it does—holds up you and the rest of the mattress, keeping you stable and giving the mattress durability.


Here is a breakdown of The Casper mattress:


  • Twin: 39″ x 75″
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”
  • Cal King: 72” x 84”


71 pounds (queen)


10 inches


Casper Mattress Trial

The Casper comes with a 100-night risk-free trial. And it’s a customer-friendly policy whether the mattress is coming or going.

First, you can arrange for a person to unpack your mattress and set it up at a time that works for you. They’ll also haul away whatever packing supplies need to be discarded.

You do have 100 days to decide whether to keep it. If you return it, they’ll send a courier to pack up and take away the mattress at your convenience if you end up returning it. They’ll try to donate it to a local charity or recycle it and you will get a full refund if you do send it back.

Casper Mattress Warranty

The Casper mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty for the person who originally bought the mattress. They cover defects in materials and workmanship when used as intended, including using a proper foundation that adequately supports both user and mattress.

It covers sags greater than 1 inch that did not result from improper use, a weak foundation. It covers physical flaws that force the foam to crack, but not if you used the mattress improperly. It covers any problems with the zippers that were the manufacturer’s problem.

Because this is a foam mattress, you’ll want as much firm support under it as possible. The Casper warranty requires their mattresses to be placed on a solid platform, a solid box spring, a bunkie board on a box spring, the floor or an adjustable base.

Unboxing a Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress will arrive rolled and compressed in a box via UPS in 2-7 business days after you place your order.

It’s easy to set up with a friend, but you can also pay $100 for the white-glove service that involves having someone handle the unboxing and packaging removal for you. If you want them to also haul away your old mattress, you can pay another $50 for that assist.

Customer service

Casper employs “snooze specialists” that say can answer any of your questions about their mattresses seven days per week.

Also, you can find Casper mattresses in Target stores throughout the U.S. by using the website’s store finder function. You can also book a time to take a nap on the Casper and talk to a sleep specialist.

If you do buy one and then changes your mind, they also promise to complete your refund in two weeks.


$$ to low $$ (See scale below).

$$$$$2,000 – $4,000


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Nerd Score: 4.8/5

The Casper mattress comes with a lofty ambition—to appease a wide range of sleepers, both by size and preference. Go ahead and have high expectations.

The main selling point for this memory foam mattress is its zoned comfort. The zones act differently—softer for shoulders, firmer for hips and back—because those body parts have different firmness and contouring needs.

If you want to try a memory foam mattress for the first time, you would do well to pick one like the Casper, which promises to be a good fit for back, side and stomach sleepers of varying weights.

The Casper is a solid mattress with broad appeal.


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